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We stand with Garron Helm

Today, Garron Helm, a young man of clean record, has been handed down a 4 week prison sentence to be served immediately. We would like to say that Garron is a dear friend of all those in National Action and has already sacrificed so much, consistently he thought nothing of the cause that he believes in, and the least that can be done is extend our gratitude.

In an abuse of the kind that has existed unchanged for hundreds of years between the classes, Garron’s crime was to insult somebody with wealth and power, They debate the manner in which he called a Jewish MP was a Jew, but ultimately he has gone to prison over a demonstrable fact and nothing else.

District Judge Andrew Shaw described Helm’s actions as calculated and “extremely abusive and upsetting”. JewishNews.co.uk, described Ms. Berger as being “deeply shocked by the entire incident” and the Liverpool Echo reported that she told police she “shouldn’t be spoken to in that manner”. Communities Minister Stephen Williams said “We welcome today’s guilty verdict which shows there is no place for purveyors of hate to hide”. These statements are so callous, hateful and arrogant that it needs to be put in perspective.

Every day, thousands of white people are offended: The way that our ethnic group is victimized and portrayed in the media, the way we are expected to embrace our gradual displacement, the gradual reduction in conditions while billions go to aid as ‘justice’, by the wanton disregard our politicians have for our wants and needs. We’re fucking offended everyday of our lives but are told to get on with it.

The media have proclaimed another moral outrage and hailed the decision, yet they tell us that compassion and tolerance are virtues. Might I ask where is the compassion and tolerance for a man who (the media reported without shame or reflection) “was one of 11 children but the family had broken apart after his father died in a work accident and his mother had a mental breakdown”? And why is it that a woman of such privilege needs to be protected with the use the law as an instrument of personal vengeance.

Enough men have suffered to save the feelings of this one person, so we can leave only that question.
Ms Berger, attended the exclusive Haberdashers’ Aske’s school (£14,502 per annum). Birmingham Graduate, Director of Labour Friends of Israel, Shadow Health Secretary, and Member of Parliament for Liverpool – this politico was parachuted into a city she had no connection to and chosen to rule these people, simply for being the mate of Tony Blair’s son – but say this and they throw you in prison.

Does a woman who uses her heritage in her political life have a right to be offended when it is pointed out by one of her own constituents?

Garron, you did nothing wrong. You are a hero because unlike millions of others of your class who allow themselves to be lorded over, you are actively engaged in the resistance. They act horrified and insulted by your beliefs, but your persecution vindicates you. They call us small and weak, but at least we are the agents of our own liberation and seekers of our own justice. The real losers are the servile plebs who sit and let things happen to them; boot lickers who can never rise above their station – the factory Foreman, the ‘uncle tom’, the apparatchik – these were all the gatekeepers of ‘right’ before they were strung up. If you live to see your law enforced then history proves you right, when it comes to implementation of that law we can do nothing better than learn from our enemies.

Free Garron

National Action

Left: Jewess Luciana Berger

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Aryan Chicks #5


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Erdington stabbing: Police hunt teenagers after man hurt in robbery bid

Wherever you get African's you get savage behaviour.

CCTV released of suspects in Chester Road attack 

Birmingham  Mail reports - Police have released CCTV images of two teenagers they want to identify after a man was stabbed during an attempted robbery.

The 46-year-old man was about to catch a bus when he was approached by the two boys and a woman around 5am on September 19, on the Chester Road in Erdington.

The group asked the man to hand over his possessions and when he refused one of the teenagers then hit him over the head and while he tried to fight him off he was stabbed to his upper body several times.

The trio then ran off.

A passer-by raised the alarm and the man spent eight days in hospital for treatment to his injuries.

The first teenager is described as black or mixed race, aged between 12 and 13 years old, 5ft 3ins tall, of slim build and was wearing a red bandana that had a paisley type pattern on it.

The second teenager was black or mixed race, aged between 15 and 16, 5ft 6ins tall and of slim build. He was wearing a black hooded jacket and a black bandana across the lower part of his face.

An 18-year-old woman has been charged with a section 18 wounding, possession of a firearm and attempted robbery in connection with this investigation. Article

Homes in Billesley's Coldbath Road repeatedly targeted in drive-by shootings

A window damaged by a gun shot in Coldbath Road, Billesley

A few years ago a Nationalist Party (local BNP) put a lot of effort into Billesley.

We campaigned hard to get an illegal mosque closed down and leafleted the are extensively.

The people of Billesley rejected Nationalism and decided to vote for the lib/lab/con, thus acquiescing to the Muslim take over of their ward.

As they say...you get what you vote for.  

Birmingham Mail reports -Terrified neighbours in a leafy Birmingham street are fearing for their safety after a spree of shots were fired through the windows of their homes.

Jonathan Gould’s partner Rebecca had a lucky escape after a ball bearing shattered the window while she was sitting on the sofa at their home in Coldbath Road, Billesley.

The couple claim the road has seen more than 10 similar attacks since August 19, when armed police descended on the road after the first window was shot at.

And more homes have also been targeted on nearby School Road.

West Midlands Police was not able to confirm the number of attacks on properties, which neighbours claim add up to more than 17 separate incidents.

Jonathan, 30, said: “It was 10am on Tuesday morning and my partner wasn’t very well on that day so she was home from work.

“She was on the sofa and heard a large bang.

“The ball bearing is actually still lodged in my window.

“If the blinds hadn’t been down it would have been extremely close or even hit her.

“My daughter Erin is only four and she could have been in there.

That is quite scary to think about.”

Jonathan, a contract retention advisor, is planning a meeting among residents to get to the bottom of the shootings.

And he is also considering moving the young family’s living room to the back of the house to escape the danger.

Neighbours believe the culprits may be bored teenagers targeting the windows in drive-by shootings.

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said she had her window shot on Wednesday night.

“My daughter was asleep downstairs when it happened,” she said.

“Me and my partner were both in bed and no-one woke up.

“I didn’t notice it until I came back from taking my son to school.

“At first I thought a golf ball had hit it.

“I’ve got a landlord but I feel really sorry for the people who are going to have to pay this using their insurance.

“More CCTV cameras might be a good idea.”

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said the incidents were being investigated and CCTV camera images were being checked.

He added: “The investigation continues, officers have gathered local CCTV and continue to examine the footage.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact Stechford police on 101.”


Birmingham Council election, 2010: Billesley
Party Candidate Votes % ±%

Labour Alexander Buchanan 4,043

Conservative Susan Axford 3,832

Liberal Democrat Philip Andrew Banting 1,692

BNP Howard Rodrick Hamilton 1,235

Green John David Bentley 229

Independent Lol Stait 149



West Midlands Police report reveals 75 per cent of known on-street child sex groomers are Asian


Confidential report also says 82 per cent of victims, aged 14 to 16, are white

Birmingham Mail reports -A bombshell police report has revealed 75 per cent of known on-street child sex groomers in the West Midlands are Asian – with 82 per cent of victims, aged 14 to 16, being white.

And a Birmingham Mail investigation has discovered how police, councils and social services have been failing vulnerable victims in a new abuse scandal which follows those identified in Rotherham, Rochdale and Derbyshire (sic).

The shocking statistics are contained in a confidential report from West Midlands Police.

Another report identified 111 youngsters at risk of child sexual exploitation in Birmingham last year, with the youngest aged just 11, and almost half of them under 15 years old.

The Children’s Society has also previously warned that vulnerable children were being taken to hotels in the West Midlands and abused by gangs after being plied with drugs and alcohol.

The Mail has discovered how children across the region have been failed by police, councils and social services – with some known offenders not being prosecuted and victims being locked away in secure accommodation to protect them.

The sickening situation was revealed by Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) in a Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Prevention and Intervention Strategy published in September 2013.

It was sent to partner agencies, including West Midlands Police, but was never issued to the media.

It said: “The partnership arrangements in Birmingham are currently failing to protect our children from child sexual exploitation.

“Perhaps the clearest indicator of this is reflected in that at the time of writing this strategy, there are three young people, the victims of child sexual exploitation, who are subject to a Secure Accommodation Order whilst the perpetrators of these horrific crimes remain at liberty and continue to target other children.

The absence of the prosecutions of these offenders is startling.

“Partner inaction may indicate that there is sometimes a reluctance to use the statutory powers available to them, and this is unacceptable.”

But the ethnic make-up of the child sex groomers could cause the biggest controversy, as it seemingly mirrors the problem of Asian gangs targeting young girls in places like Oxford, Rochdale and Rotherham, where an estimated 1,400 children were abused over 16 years after public body failings.

Read more

Voice of Albion ~ Benny of Whitelaw

Benny has been involved in the White Power/Blood and Honour British music scene for twenty years.

He is the lead singer of the band Whitelaw. They have produced 5 albums. Whitelaw play at Blood and Honour gigs all over Europe.

Whitelaw live ISD 2009, England 

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Record attendance at John Tyndall memorial


More than 120 Nationalists from a broad range of parties and factions gathered in the old English city of Preston, Lancashire, on 11th October 2014 for the ninth annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting. The commemoration was hosted by Heritage and Destiny in memory of JT, former chairman of the National Front, founder of the British National Party, and the foremost racial nationalist leader of the modern British era. This year we also remembered our loyal comrade and H&D Patron Robert Smith, a veteran nationalist who served in 1940s Palestine with the Parachute Regiment – he died on September 4th, aged 87.


Europe is bubbling

Nose Warriors

From http://peterquiggins.wordpress.com/

Norse warriors ! Europe is bubbling and will bite back soon – 

All my family are Holodomor and Gulag survivors just like the remaining Europeans today. We are survivors of Jewish Bolshevik, genocidal crimes against our tribe. Why do we have to suffer the continues wolf cry of the confusing 6m!!

The question should be Holodomor v Fuck 6m

These Jewish Bolsheviks for almost 100 years have been covertly, or overtly persecuting Europe, and the wider world since occupying every bastion of government in sovereign nation states. Exposing our people to false flag and unlawful wars across the globe, or by enticing us into impossible debt usury. By asset stripping the inheritance of our folk at the flip of a coin, all structured and protected through their parasitic, self regulating legal system Talmudic Shetar

My relatives survived WWI, then luck would have it my parents and most of my relatives survived the second Jewish attack WWII – then luck almost run out when my dad being a merchant navy seaman, happened to be contracted to one of the Jewish Ellerman shipping lines out of Holland destined for the mystical promise land. The stolen land now temporary called Israel, where he helped deliver Jewish passengers from Europe to be settled. My father was witness to a significant event a catastrophic near miss situation whereby if he had he been killed at that point it would have given the Jews less work to deal with today.

History They Dont Teach You In School
That fatal error by the Jews inspires me to this day. That near miss situation was when the now infamous King David’s Hotel was blown up by the Jewish Zionists, in 1946. My Dad was in a Bar in Jerusalem, close to the targeted hotel, immediately chaos ensued on the streets and the British Army were ordered to round up all the British working in Israel, and get them back to the Ships and Airports to evacuate before the massive blood bath gripped the country.

An army land rover pulled up outside the bar my Dad and his friend were drinking in. Two British soldiers ran in and asked for British citizens to come forward, which my dad and his friend did. It turned out the soldiers were from Kensington in Liverpool and recognised my Dad and his friend as scousers and offered them a lift back to their ship, which of course they accepted. This was just before they could witness the slaughtering of the hosts, the Palestinians.

The Zionist British government led by the Jews were abandoning the Palestinians to their fate.

I think this incident alone makes me and my family Bolshevik survivors never mind the earlier attacks! I wonder if Spielberg would ever consider making one of his swindlers list epics on Jewish Zionism and Bolshevik genocide of the Europeans but this time using facts.

My Dad could never understand how such people as these Jew Bolshevik beasts who globally were being plat-formed to be seen by the world as ‘martyrs’, turn out to be the most ruthlessly powerful, aggressive and wicked, towards such an accommodating people as the Palestinians.

He explained the initial politics and ideology of both cultures and witnessed the Palestinians to be friendly, accommodating, and humble people!! So long as you did not encroach and respected their culture of Islam you were welcome.

Beginners guide to the Jewish Question.
It was the Jewish Zionists ‘Irgun and B’nai B’rith who first lit the fuse paper. Since then they have established year, after year, a more extreme assured Government, all financed and supported by the might of all their Jew global companies who manipulate and control the Puppet Governments of the West, including their puppet USA seat of power. Still today these Talmudic creatures continue to land grab, year after year, day after day, more and more assets from the Palestinians, and we in the West stay silent in case we upset the ‘precious martyr’ race.

Are we supposed to believe that back then, 1947, this so called new emerging micro country, which was now being occupied and controlled by these poor emaciated victims from Germany’s labour camps. They somehow built from scratch the new countries infrastructure with just 3 loaves and 4 fish and took only 20 years from 1947 to 1967 to dominate into submission the whole of the surrounding Arab world – now that is a miracle! Divine intervention Hahaha!

Peter Quiggins (Tierney)

‘Juck the Fews’ J Smith. 2014

Two injured in TGI Friday's attack - Police release CCTV images of suspects

One of the victims suffered a fractured eye socket in the flare-up outside the restaurant in Hagley Road, Edgbaston


 Four men wanted over attack at TGI Friday's

Birmingham Mail reports -Two men were beaten with a cricket bat by a gang of thugs outside a well-known Birmingham restaurant.

One of the victims suffered a fractured eye socket in the flare-up outside TGI Friday’s in Hagley Road, Edgbaston, at about 11pm on April 30.

The gang used a light coloured car, thought to be a silver Ford Mondeo. Police said the motive for the attack remained unknown.

Det Con Matthew Ainley, of West Midlands Police CID, said: “We are keen to hear from anyone who recognises the men in the images or who witnessed the attack in April.

“We have trawled CCTV from the area around the restaurant and managed to find images of just four of the suspects.

“But we would like any information on anyone else who might have been involved.”
Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111. Article

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