Monday, 1 September 2014

Narrow defeat for German nationalists

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The NPD – Germany’s main nationalist party – suffered a narrow defeat this weekend in elections for the regional parliament of Saxony.  At the last elections five years ago the NPD polled 5.6%, winning eight seats.  This year their vote fell by a fraction to 4.95%, very slightly below the required 5% threshold, so there will be no NPD members in the new Landtag.

The main reason for this defeat was the arrival on the German political scene of a new eurosceptic partyAlternative für Deutschland (AFD) – which is effectively a more liberal version of UKIP.  AFD won 9.7% and will have fourteen seats in the new Saxony Landtag, their first success in any of the German regional parliaments.

AFD is seen as a respectable protest vote by millions of German voters who (like many of their fellow Europeans) despair of the establishment parties.  To this extent their electoral breakthrough (like that of UKIP) is a positive development.

Sadly however one consequence has been to deprive genuine nationalists of a parliamentary voice.  Unlike the NPD, AFD is mostly pro-immigration and pro-EU, though hostile to the euro.

The biggest losers in the Saxony election were the FDP – Germany’s liberal party and traditional coalition partners of the ruling conservatives.  The FDP lost all of their Landtag seats after their vote collapsed from 10.0% to 3.8%.

NPD Official Website (English)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Radio Stormer: The Narrative is Finally Changing

Daily Stormer
August 30, 2014

Andre and Sven return with a report from the front lines of the online Pro-White resistance.
The main topics discussed this week are:

-The dDOS attacks on the Daily Stormer site
-The Ferguson riots
-The Rotherham scandal
-ISIS and ‘British’ Jihadis
-Jewish massacres in Ukraine and Palestine
-All of which are showing the true face of our enemies to the world.
-The ‘Racism’ canard has never had such a loss of credibility, as it has over the last two weeks.
-The public conversation is now all about Negro criminality, Muslim barbarity, Non-White rapists and how the ‘Racists’ were right all along.
-People have never been so responsive to our message, as they are right now.
-Anti-Racists are responsible for all those White children getting raped and nobody can deny that any longer.


Daily Stormer

Friday, 29 August 2014

Ferguson, Ferguson, & More Ferguson...

Join an Observer as we discuss everything surrounding the shooting of an innocent African angel in Ferguson, as well as the protests and chimp-outs after the fact.

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Erika (English Subtitled)

The lyrics of the song were written by Prof. Von Herms Niel, a German composer of marches. The exact year of the song's origin is not known; often the date is given as "about 1930," a date that, however, has not been substantiated. The song was originally published in 1938 by the publishing firm Louis Ortel in Großburgwedel. It was a great success even before the start of World War II.

Niel, who in early May 1933 joined the NSDAP and was among others became a "leading" Kapellmeister at the Reichsarbeitdienst, created numerous marches that largely served the National Socialist propaganda campaigns.

Fury at the Rotherham children's services boss who wanted to play down grooming scandal - because cases were 'only' 2.3 per cent of their work -pass-buck

More Pro Multicult, white pieces of shit, fail British Children!

    Downplayed: Joyce Thacker told a meeting that agencies need to 'retain a sense of proportionality' with regards to the widespread sex abuse scandal in Rotherham that spanned 16 years
  • Joyce Thacker told a meeting the scandal needs to be viewed 'in proportion'
  • She said the cases were 'only' 2.3% of the council's safeguarding work
  • £115,000-a-year executive, in power since 2008, has yet to offer resignation
  • Shameless buck-passing continued as detectives urged to hunt child rapists
  • Mainly Asian gang were allowed to escape justice for 16 years after failings
  • Those shrugging responsibility include the police and crime commissioner 
  • Emerged that officials have gone on to plum public sector jobs elsewhere

Daily Mail reports - The woman in charge of Rotherham's children's services for five years of the child sex abuse scandal tried to downplay the true scale of the offences.

Joyce Thacker, in power since 2008, faces a barrage of calls to step down following a report which exposed 'systemic failures' that led to the exploitation of 1,400 girls between 1997 and 2013.

But according to the report, the £115,000-a-year director of children's services told a meeting that 'agencies need to retain a sense of proportionality' because those offences 'only account for 2.3 per cent of the council's safe-guarding work'.

'Although it is a very important issue,' she said, 'child neglect is a much more significant problem'(sic).

Mrs Thacker is the same director who removed three children from their foster parents because they voted Ukip.

She claimed at the time in 2012 that the parents' 'strong views' did not fit in with the children's 'cultural and ethnic needs' - and that supporting Ukip was inconsistent with 'multiculturalism'.

It came a year after she told Parliament's Home Affairs Select Committee that she refused to accept the council had 'failed dismally' to deal with the issue of child grooming. 

She also suggested parents should share the blame for not looking after their children when a gang of Asian men was jailed for sexually abusing girls in the town four years ago.

However, as the true scale of the scandal that happened on her watch is laid bare, she has yet to tender her resignation.

Her call for proportionality was attributed in Professor Alexis Jay's report to an anonymous senior council worker, but The Times understands it was Mrs Thacker.

Read more

As a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I didn't want to rock the multi-cultural boat says former Rotherham Labour MP Denis MacShane as he insists no-one raised town's child sex abuse scandal with him

  • Report found 1,400 children abused between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham
  • Victims terrorised with guns and doused in petrol and threatened with fire
  • Report's author condemned 'blatant' failings by council's leadership
  • Mr MacShane said there was a culture of 'misplaced racial sensitivity'
  • Majority of victims described the perpetrators as 'Asian' men
  • Labour's Shaun Wright, head of children's services 2005-2010, refuses to step down from new role as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner
Former Rotherham MP Dennis Macshane said he did not look further into the town's child abuse sex scandal because he is a 'true Guardian reader and liberal leftie' and 'did not want to rock the multi-cultural boat' Denis Macshane said he did not look further into the town's child abuse sex scandal because he is a 'true Guardian reader and liberal leftie' and 'did not want to rock the multi-cultural boat'
Daily Mail reports -  Disgraced former Labour politician Denis MacShane has admitted that he shied away from investigating allegations of a child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham because he is a 'true Guardian reader' and did not want to 'rock the multi-cultural boat'.

The former MP, who resigned as MP in 2012 over the expenses scandal, said ‘misplaced racial sensitivity’ prevented him from 'burrowing into' the widespread sexual abuse allegations and oppression of women in the Muslim community.

He made the comments after a damning child protection report found 1,400 children were sexually exploited in the town by gangs - most of them of Pakistani origin - between 1997 and 2013.

A group of 'influential' Pakistani councillors were accused in the report by a council officer of blocking attempts to tackle the abuse and also meddling in domestic abuse cases involving Asian women in the town.

Mr McShane said: 'I think probably [I didn’t do as much as I could]. I think that I should have burrowed into it. 

'Perhaps yes, as a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.'

He also told the BBC: 'I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multi-cultural community boat if I may put it like that.'

But Mr McShane insisted today that no individual came to see him about the allegations and that he once had a 'huge row' with a fellow MP when the issue was probed.

He said: 'What I can say was that no single individual, no constituent, no child, no family same to see me.

'I was concerned about it, I raised it quite often, it’s difficult sometimes for an MP to second guess everything that the chief executive of a borough was doing and all the senior officials.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Voice of Albion: Nick Walsh ~ National Front Treasurer

Paul Interviews Nick Walsh who is the National Front Treasurer and Organiser for the City of Hull.

Nick has stood for local elections in his home City on several occasions.

National Front Main Website

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

H&D assistant editor in Germany

Heritage and Destiny
assistant editor Peter Rushton joined veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds and Voice of Albion radio host Paul Hickman as British delegates to a memorial march in Bad Nenndorf on August 2nd.

The march commemorated the torture of hundreds of (mostly German) prisoners after the end of World War II at an interrogation centre in the former spa resort of Bad Nenndorf, near Hanover in northern Germany.

Victims included many civilians and 44 women.  Two prisoners died as a result of torture and starvation – policies enforced by MI5 officers who brought shame on the British Army.  An official investigation led to the court-martial of four officers, but the proceedings were fixed by MI5 chiefs to ensure acquittal.

Hundreds of “anti-fascists”, supported by the present German authorities, attempted to block the march and drown out the speakers, but they failed to halt the memorial.

 Richard Edmonds addressed the march in German.

Peter Rushton spoke in English, with a German translation supplied by Richard Edmonds.


Monday, 25 August 2014

George Lincoln Rockwell

Voice of Albion: Vilma Čekutienė ~ Lithuanian Nationalist Union Party

Paul interviews Vilma Cekutiene who is a board member of the Lithuanian Nationalist Union Party.
Vilma has a Bacherlor's degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Management. She has been involved with the Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Centre since 2008.

The January Events 1991

Lithuanian Nationalist Union Main Website

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