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LONDON FORUM: Peter Rushton - 'A Real Hero of SOE & His 1945 Mission For SS Intelligence' 07/12/2013

Published on Dec 10, 2013

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Peter Rushton is deputy editor of the pan-Nationalist 'Heritage & Destiny Magazine' and his articles therein have been praised as some of the most incisive and inspiring writing that our Cause has witnessed for decades.

He is also an indefatigable historical researcher whose discoveries in the public record archives have shed much needed light on the State's attempts to either control or destroy Nationalist Movements. A frequent guest on Russia Today and Press TV, where his commentaries on current affairs are much in demand, in this talk he will look at recently released files that shed light on the hitherto only rumoured moves towards cooperation in the final year of the war between anti-Communist elements of the British Intelligence Services and the SS Intelligence Service. He will also be answering questions on the situation today in Greece.

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Carl Jung’s Wotan w/ Blutundboden 3-6-14

This painting was done the year Adolf Hitler was born: link to The painter is Franz von Stuck. He had two paintings that were both titled “Die Wilde Jagd”, which can mean either “The Wild Hunt” or “The Wild Chase”. When translated into English, the one I posted is referred to as “The Wild Chase”, and the other as “The Wild Hunt”.

Hitler’s poem, written in the trenches during WW1:

I often go on bitter nights
To Wotan’s oak on the quiet glade
With dark powers to weave a union -
The runic letters the moon makes with its magic spell
And all who are full of impudence during the day
Are made small by the magic formula!
They draw shining steel – but instead of going into combat
They solidify into stalagmites.
So the false ones part from the real ones -
I reach into a nest of words
And then give the good and just
With my formula blessings and prosperity.

Karl Jung's essay on Wotan


 Blutundboden reads an essay concerning Carl Jung’s ideas on Wotan.

Listen HERE

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Five-strong gang of Asian men who committed string of sex offences against the same teenage girl for six months are jailed for 23 years

Umber Farrouq, who was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15. He was sented to five-and-a-half years for each offence to run concurrently Daily Mail reports -A gang of five Asian men have been jailed for a total of 23 years for committing a string of child sex offences. 

Police officers conducted a lengthy investigation concerning activity that took place in Burton-upon-Trent between October 2012 and May 2013 involving the same victim. 

The five men, all from the Staffordshire town, were then found guilty after a two-week trial at Stafford Crown Court in May.

Today they were jailed for a total of 23 years at the same court.

Umber Farrouq, 21, who was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15, was sentenced to five-and-a-half-years for each offence to run concurrently.

Anees Hanif was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15 as well as inciting a girl aged 13 to 15 to engage in sexual activity. 

The 20-year-old was sentenced to five-and-a-half-years for each offence, to run concurrently.

Matab Ali, 21, who was convicted of two counts of sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15, also received five-and-a-half-years for each offence to run concurrently.

Junaid Ali, 20, was jailed for five-and-a-half-years after he was found guilty of the attempt rape of a girl aged 13 to 15.

Ameer Arshad, 19, was found guilty of blackmail and jailed for 12 months.

Farrouq, Hanif, and both Alis have also all been put onto the Sex Offenders’ Register indefinitely.

The five men were arrested by Staffordshire Police between October 2013 and January 2014.

Anees HanifMatab AliAmeer Arshad Read more


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Oxford grooming gang: We will regret ignoring Asian thugs who target white girls

What a god-awful mess this country has got itself into over multiculturalism, and once again our fear of racism will lead to the betrayal of hundreds of young girls 

  In a particularly warped twist, the pimp will teach his victim that her parents are racist towards Asians, which is why they disapprove of their relationship – absolutely nothing, of course, to do with him being a violent, controlling thug

Daily Telegraph reports - Rochdale, Rotherham, Derby, Oxford. The towns change, but the pattern is always the same. Gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani Muslim heritage, lure white girls as young as 10 with gifts and displays of affection. Next, the girl is raped as a way of “breaking her in”. Once the child’s spirit is subdued, and her mind fogged with drugs, she is sold for sex to multiple men at £200 a time. If the girl tries to break away, a gang member might threaten to behead her or firebomb her home. Mohammed Karrar, who was found guilty in the Oxford sex-grooming case this week, took a scalding hairpin and branded one girl so she would know she was his property. Later, the gang gave the same girl a DIY abortion. She was 12 years old. And this, all this, is happening in Britain now. 

In a particularly warped twist, the pimp will teach his victim that her parents are racist towards Asians, which is why they disapprove of their relationship – absolutely nothing, of course, to do with him being a violent, controlling thug. Gang members have grown wise to the wimpy ways of Western society. They exploit the fact that police, newly trained in “cultural sensitivity”, are terrified of being accused of racism. So the pimps operate with impunity until, years later, the slave girls find the courage to testify in court against their masters.  

We all know what happens next, don’t we? Leaders of the Pakistani Muslim community – essentially a Victorian society that has landed like Doctor Who’s Tardis on a liberal, permissive planet it despises – are at pains to deny that the grooming gang’s behaviour has anything to do with ethnic origin or contemptible attitudes towards women

Then Sue Berelowitz, the lamentably foolish deputy children’s commissioner, trots out her lame line that Asian men targeting white girls is “just one of a number of models”, even though such “models” account for an improbably large proportion of all gang sexual abuse. Did Berelowitz not hear Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for North West England, when he blamed “imported cultural baggage” for appalling crimes by members of his own community? “The men think that women are some lesser being,” he said.
The chief constable who was in charge while all that torture and rape was going on in Oxford appeared on Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday and said that she took “full responsibility” for shocking police failures. But, no, Sara Thornton, head of Thames Valley Police, would not be resigning. Why ever not?

Because saying you take responsibility is the new not taking responsibility, stupid. All that remains is for the panel on tonight’s Question Time to do a little gentle hand-wringing about the Oxford horrors before it concludes that no particular group is implicated in these vile, misogynistic crimes. And, once again, the fear of racism will have trumped sexism, and hundreds of young girls – or the “hollow shells” of girls, as one tearful copper called them – will be betrayed. Then we can all sit back comfortably and wait till the next hideous court case comes along, probably in Bradford, where at least 30 men have been arrested in the past few months over child sex-grooming allegations. Sue Berelowitz may believe the perpetrators could turn out to be Buddhist podiatrists. But I wouldn’t count on it.

At least some good has come from this spate of incredibly distressing cases. Those brutalised young women have not testified against their tormentors in vain. Courageous Muslim writers and community workers have spoken out with repugnance and great moral clarity. Kris Hopkins, the MP for Keighley and Ilkley, believes the police crackdown in Bradford reveals that the political correctness that made the authorities reluctant to act in the past is gone.

Maybe. But what remains is a political class still far too timid to challenge growing and alarming separatism in Muslim education and law. It is 30 years since I first taught English to Bangladeshi women in their flats in Tower Hamlets, and I still remember how those smiley, interested ladies shrank and cowered when their husbands came home. Only one thing can permanently change the misogynist behaviour of certain Pakistani men and that is the education and empowerment of their daughters. Female emancipation drags societies with even the darkest attitudes towards the light. But what hope is there of those girls getting the education and status they need to take their men to task?

Back in January, there was a profoundly disturbing case at Nottingham Crown Court. Adil Rashid, who had “raped” an underage girl, was spared a prison term after the judge heard that the naïve 18-year-old attended an Islamic faith school where he was taught that women are worthless. Rashid told psychologists he had no idea that having sex with a willing 13-year-old was against the law; besides, his education had taught him to believe that “women are no more worthy than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground”.

If the fresh-faced Rashid had picked up that view in a madrassa in Karachi it would be profoundly depressing, though not surprising. But the school he attended was in Birmingham, for heaven’s sake! Although it cannot be named for “legal reasons”, the school is voluntary-aided – mainly funded by the taxpayer. At this hugely popular Islamic school, where a majority of pupils are from a Pakistani background, boys and girls are taught in separate classes; a segregation policy no normal comprehensive could get away with.

Rashid’s barrister said: “The school he attended, it is not going too far to say, can be described as a closed community.” So, the defence against a rape charge by a young Muslim living in 21st-century Britain was not just ignorance of the law (which should be no defence at all). It was that the law and, indeed, the values of the wider country, were irrelevant in his Islamic school, even though it was a state institution funded by citizens who would go straight to jail if, for instance, they tried to have sex with a child.

The fact that the judge accepted Rashid’s defence shows what a god-awful mess this country has got itself into over multiculturalism. 

I reckon Britons in a hundred years’ time will look back at us in outraged astonishment for allowing Islamic schools to flout the laws of the land and teach boys that women are worthless. All Islamic schools should be obliged to introduce mixed-sex classes, so boys can learn at first hand that girls are their equals, or those schools should be closed.

If you teach boys that a female is no better than a lollipop that has been dropped on the ground, eventually you produce a pimp who thinks that you break a girl’s spirit as though she were a horse, before branding her with your initial. That man and those attitudes have no place, no place at all, in Britain now. Article



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Address: The Secretary, PO Box 495, Hull HU9 9GL


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Ruuben Kaalep of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia

The Kissing Students
Address: Raekoja plats, Tartu | Show on map

'The Kissing Students' sculpture and fountain is one of the most recognised symbols of Tartu. A fountain has stood in the same place since 1948, when newlyweds and their guests would visit it for luck, and people would also take a dip in it. The sculpture was created by Mati Karmin and completed in 1998. Since 2006 the fountain has been surrounded by tiles bearing the names of Tartu's sister cities: Bærum, Deventer, Ferrara, Fredriksberg, Hafnarfjörður, Hämeenlinna, Kaunas, Lüneburg, Pihkva, Riia, Salisbury, Tampere, Turu, Uppsala, Veszprem and Zutphen. They are situated in the direction that the cities lie from Tartu, marking the distances.

Euuben Kaalep is Vice Chairman for the Youth Section of the Conservative People's Party of Estonia.

He is a 20 year old History student from Tartu, who became involved in Nationalist politics at the age of 16, when he organised a demonstration against a Communist monument in his home City.

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WN Unity

To make clear - there is no separating 'Slav' from Europeans now.

 The Nordic gene pool which Hitler relied on is vanishing before our eyes.

White Nationalist Unity Worldwide!

14 Words

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 Tuljak has been played since 1934 in every dance celebration (also song celebration). People have compared "Tuljak with Mu isamaa on minu arm, because both of the tunes are very important to Estonians. Music M. Härma, lyrics K. F. Karlson.

Thanks to Florian Geyer for the lyrics to the above song  

Keeping the beauty of fatherland

Keeping the beauty of fatherland.
Fighting against the enemy:
Pay attention, pay attention, Pay attention, pay attention!

If you believe in yourself,
In opinions of the wise,
In shoulders of the strong,
In mightiness of the elders,
In nimbleness of young men,
In sisters, brothers,
Above all in yourself,
Then you get better life.

If you believe the talk of the wolf,
Fear the yelps of the dogs,
Hear the curses of the masters,
Complains of the underlings,
Bitings of the greedy,
Admonishments of the low ones,
Scolds of the blind, Then you get nothing.

If you sink into lies,
Stooping into dreams,
On all fours under the order,
Bowing under the rouble,
Then you get fleas in groin,
Itches in your heart,
Halters on your head, bones in your stomach,
Then you go to hell.

 If you believe in yourself,
Then you believe in the folk,
In the farms, in the wiseness,
In the teaching, in the rights,
In the birch grove of home place,
In the swallow by the clouds,
Then you get mighty spirit,
Then you get better life.

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Anti Racist is a Codeword for Anti white 

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Sign spotted in ...... White Countries for everyone! 

View image on TwitterThe mayor of says he is upset over a billboard near his city. sign I just saw said "Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White." Wait what?

Billboard on I-20 East of Birmingham AL reads, "Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White." Gov. Bentley, take that sign down. Shelbs @ShlebsMcGee "Anti-racist is code for anti-white." Okay, Alabama, I think it's time to go. ネイサンちゃん @seifukufever last night I was listening to the world service and they had a segment on neo-nazis that mentioned the “anti-racist = anti-white” billboard Dave Christman @grendelsden Wait. Anti-racist is code word for anti-white, thusly furthering the White Genocide? Well then. KILL WHITEY!!!!!

Kyle Hunt -Red Ice Radio - White Identity in a “Post Racial” Society

Appeal after woman assaulted and robbed in broad daylight

Birmingham Mail reports - Police in Birmingham are appealing for help in tracing a man who assaulted and robbed a woman as she walked in Moseley.

The woman, aged 50, was walking along Wake Green Road at around 2.25pm Tuesday June 10, when she was grabbed around the neck from behind by a man and pulled to the ground.

He then rifled through her handbag and stole her phone before running off.

The attacker is described as Asian, 30-40, slim with straight black hair, stubble and wearing jeans and a black jacket with either a hood or a hat.

DC Michelle Beasley from Stechford CID said: "This was a nasty attack on a woman on her own in broad daylight. Police know there were numerous cars driving past at the time who may have seen what happened and I would appeal for anyone who saw this or who has information to call us on 101."

If you have any information call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.   Article   
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