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22nd April 2015 Edition of TCTA W/Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed:
  • Drew over at Renegade inspires Shaun to talk further about “black-out” reporting
  • Shaun’s show about Mami’s draws many listeners to the podcast and emails
  • Alice Springs and the mainstream (lamestream) media lying by omission
  • jewess filth believes that masturbating with used tampon is art for leftist pigs
  • Mainstream media ideas of diversity (they themselves won’t live in black hoods)
  • Comments on the Daily Slave including, boat people, dictatorship & bad pictures
  • SJW’s and their bullshit tearing up what it means to man up and take back control
  • Australia was founded for white people, not Asians, Arabs, Indians & Lebs etc
  • Portugal calls in and speaks to a book called “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”
  • Hilary Cliton for president because she is a WOMAN – Whoooo hooooooo!!!!


Monday, 20 April 2015

Creativity Religion sermon xii (xx)


Oppose the Shomrim Police demo April 2015

Published on Apr 19, 2015
Nationalists from a number of different organisations came together in Hackney, London to oppose the Shomrim (Jewish) Security Patrols.

A week in Multiracial Birmingham

It just keeps getting better.







Balsall Heath 'road rage' video emerges as police appeal for witnesses (18.04.2015)

Birmingham Mail reports - Chilling footage has emerged of an alleged road raid attack in Balsall Heath which saw a 19-year-old man stabbed and two other men injured.

A mobile phone captured the moment when fighting broke out at the junction of Moseley Road and Highgate Road just before 5.15pm on Friday.

What appears to be a paramedic rapid response vehicle is among the cars blocked in at the scene, where other motorists watch the unfolding violence.

During the disorder, a 19-year-old was stabbed. He was airlifted to hospital and remains in a serious but stable condition.

Two other men suffered minor injuries.

Police arrested two men, aged 23 and 29, on suspicion of wounding and they are in police custody where they will be questioned about the incident.  Article and video

Rapper called 'Hecki' thumped with six year jail sentence for slashing teen across face with knife (19.04.2015)

Joshua Marshall, 21, launched cowardly attack when victim refused to hand over his phone

Birmingham Mail reports - A thug wannabe rapper has been jailed for six years after slashing a 17-year-old across the face with a knife after the teenager refused to hand over his phone.

Joshua Marshall, 21, from Priory Gate Way, Bordesley Green, launched the cowardly attack outside a shop in Cherrywood Road.

His victim underwent surgery after the knife cut through to the bone and has now been left permanently scared.

Marshall - known as ‘Hecki’ - was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Thursday after being found guilty of wounding and possessing an offensive weapon.

 The court heard the wannabe rapper had approached his victim as he stood outside Bordesley General Store in February last year.

He demanded the boy’s phone and when he refused Marshall produced a knife, which he used to slash the boy across the face, before running away.

The victim was left with a 7cm cut across the left side of his face.

DC Rory Juss, from Force CID, said: “Following the attack, a witness named the attacker as ‘Hecki’, a local rapper, who has posted a number of videos on YouTube.

“Police enquiries revealed ‘Hecki’ to be Joshua Marshall and he was arrested and interviewed. He remained silent during police interviews.

“However, during cross-examination in the trial, he claimed he had been attacked by one of the victim’s friends who had the knife and was acting in self-defence, when he pushed his assailant, who stumbled back and accidentally cut the victim’s face in the process.

Fortunately, the jury saw through Marshall’s incredible story and found him guilty, before sentencing him to six years.” Article

Sheriff Mbye murder: Police looking for 'number of men' after 18-year-old stabbed to death in Northfield (18.04.2015)

Birmingham Mail reports - Police are trying to trace 'a number of men' after the murder of Sheriff Mbye, 18, in Northfield - including a white Audi driver who dropped the fatally wounded teenager at hospital.

Detectives are also looking at CCTV after the youngster, from Lee Bank, died in hospital two hours after he received multiple stab wounds in a scuffle, which saw another man also sustain serious stab wounds.

Police were called to Bristol Road South shortly before 5pm on Friday to reports of a stabbing outside a KFC restaurant.

When officers arrived they found a 19-year-old in a barber shop being tended to by customers.

He remains critical in hospital.

As a major investigation was launched, reports were received from Queen Elizabeth Hospital that Sheriff had arrived in a white coloured Audi which then sped off. Article

Glynis Bensley murder: Police release CCTV of moment pair launched sickening attack (17.04.2015)

 Zoheb MajidZoheb Majid

CCTV footage - released by West Midlands Police - captures 13-year-old Petri Kurti and 20-year-old Zoheb Majid as they pursue Ms Bensley before attacking her.

She is seen to be dragged to the floor by Kurti before Majid arrives moments later on a bike to join in the attack.

Leading the investigation Detective Chief Inspector Sam Ridding said: "It was clearly the joint intention of the pair to use violence on anyone they targeted: they were in it together as the CCTV showed - they arrived within seconds of each other.

"Ms Bensley was tragically in the wrong place at the wrong time (sic) and was randomly picked out by the pair believing that she was a man and that she was wearing a gold bracelet. The brutal attack was captured on CCTV.

"Our thoughts remain with Glynis’ family at this time and we hope that today’s sentencing will provide some help in their grieving process."

Kurti, aged 13, was convicted of the murder of Glynis Bensley and sentenced to a minimum of 12 years at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Friday.

Majid, who was convicted of robbery and manslaughter, was been sentenced to 10 years detention for manslaughter and a concurrent seven years for robbery. Video and article

Monday, 13 April 2015

Daniel Kirkwood murder: Three Birmingham men (inbred Paki filth) appear in court

Daniel Kirkwood, aged 18, died outside the Society nightclub, in Tower Street, Coventry.Daniel Kirkwood, aged 18, died outside the Society nightclub, in Tower Street, Coventry.

Birmingham Mail reports -Three Birmingham men have appeared in court charged with the murder of teenager Daniel Kirkwood.

Saker Shireen Khan, 24; Hasham Muqtaz Ali, 18; and Ramez Murtaza, 20, were all charged with murder and three counts of wounding late last night.

A fourth man, Tobijah Thompson, 24, of no fixed address, faced the same charges.

They appeared at Coventry Magistrates’ Court and were all remanded in custody until Tuesday, when they will appear at Warwick Crown Court.

Mr Kirkwood, 18, died as a result of a stab wound to the neck following an incident at Society nightclub in Tower Street, Coventry, on Sunday morning.

Ali, of Amberley Green, Great Barr, appeared in court Baldev Atwal, prosecuting, said: “He faces an allegation of murder and three related section 18 wounding with intent charges,
“All of these matters arise out of one incident.

“Bail can not be considered by this court and all of these matters should be sent to Warwick Crown Court sitting in Leamington.”

Similar submissions were made when Khan, of Belchers Lane, Small Heath; Murtaza, of Bordesley Green East, Bordesley Green, and Thompson appeared in court.

Chairman of the magistrates bench, Graham Hollowell, told all four defendants that their cases, or any bail applications, could not be dealt with by the court.

Addressing Mr Kirkwood’s family, Mr Hollowell said: “First of all may I offer the sympathies of the bench.

“This must have been an extremely trying morning for you having to sit and watch the four defendants who have appeared.

“You will be aware they will all go to Leamington next Tuesday.

“We offer you our sympathies and hope it’s not been too difficult for you.” (What the F**k is that supposed to mean? - ed) Article

Smethwick: Oswold Mosley, Peter Griffiths and Malcolm X

When Mosley was in Smethwick... From we love Bearwood 

Following on from Malcolm X and Christabel Pankhurst another controversial political figure with links to Smethwick was Oswald Mosley.

Our favourite local historian Mary Bodfish explained that.....
“At the general election of 1926 a new candidate for Smethwick was fielded by the Labour party . This was Mr (later Sir) Oswald Mosley.

He had entered Parliament in 1918 as Conservative MP for Harrow, but had already abandoned them to become an independent; and had now crossed the floor to become a socialist.”

Mary sent us the above photo too and explained that it shows Oswald Mosley, the Socialist candidate in the Smethwick by-election, campaigning with his wife Lady Cynthia Curzon, December 1926.

Mary went on to say that “after serving in the First World War Oswald Mosley was driven by the unemployment and later the depression that blighted the country in the 1920s.

As Smethwick MP he was appointed as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and he put before the government of the day a radical programme to address these issues. When the government rejected his proposals Mosley resigned from office and left the Labour Party in 1931 to form the New Party, while still representing Smethwick. None of the New Party candidates gained seats at the general election of that year and a Conservative represented Smethwick for the next 14 years.

It was after meeting the Fascist leader Benito Mussolini in Italy the following year that Mosley disbanded the failed New Party and replaced it with the notorious British Union of Fascists.

Recollections of his time in Smethwick include his being a brilliant and charismatic speaker, but even at this date surrounding himself with a coterie of the kind of bully-boys who became such a feature of his years as leader of the fascists in Britain.”
BN Comment - The BUF had to have protection squads due to Jew organised Red violence against the legal BUF. That's how William Joyce got his scar.

Peter Griffiths Smethwick 
Local Conservative councillor Peter Griffiths canvassing on the streets of Smethwick in the 1964 general election campaign.

In 1964 Peter Griffiths, Conservative candidate in Smethwick constituency won his seat using the slogan "If you want a nigger for a neighbour VOTE LABOR"
The general election was won by Labour, overturning 13 years of Conservative government. In contrast, largely because of the race issue, a Labour majority of 3,544 was turned into a Tory majority of 1,774, defeating the senior Labour MP Patrick Gordon in Smethwick.

The "nigger for a neighbour" slogan was attributed to the Griffiths campaign in a BBC interview by Labour leader Harold Wilson. Griffiths denied using those words, but said that they accurately reflected the frustrations of locals.

Immediately after the election Wilson (as prime minister) attacked Griffiths in the House of Commons, calling him the "parliamentary leper".

Additionally the Tories had also taken control of the local council, instituting a policy on Marshall Street of buying houses which came up for sale and putting them back on the market for sale to whites only. In an attempt to better-integrated immigrants.

Soon after, Americas Malcolm X visited Marshall Street and was interviewed, saying:

"I have come here because I am disturbed by reports that coloured people in Smethwick are being badly treated. I have heard they are being treated as the Jews under Hitler. I would not wait for the fascist element in Smethwick to erect gas ovens."

Malcolm X was shot dead in Harlem days after his return from this trip.

Later that year in October a bomb exploded at the home of Smethwick's new Conservative MP Peter Griffiths, causing extensive damage.

Azoz Spartan

AZOV SPARTAN (with Eng. subtitles)

There were sixty of them. Fourty two remained. The best fourty fighters will depart into the zone of ATO. As the true Spartans, they undergo training in the Kiev training camp. In two weeks the volunteers have to pass a special physical training, acquire the main tactical skills and become a united coordinated team. Both the young men and adults are checked on stamina and a psychological combat-readiness.

The training program is elaborated by the best specialists of the "Azov" regiment and the foreign instructors. Every instructor has personal experience and skills which he transmits to the fighters both during the group training and individually. Thus each fighter must find out during his stay in the camp what he does best and what exactly he should do in the future.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Robert Mathews ~ Call to Aryan Warriors

Elections 2015

No one could have predicted the situation White Nationalist's have found themselves in back in 2010.

Five years ago thousands of Nationalist's across Britain had the expectation that the British National Party would secure 1-3 seats in Parliament.

Many will remember the dreadful comedown that followed and all sorts of people going off in different directions.

However, Nationalism in Britain is far from dead!

The establishment may have artificially inflated UKIP to handicap any genuine Nationalist success, but that hand can't be played in perpetuity.

If UKIP secure MP's then they will have to deliver on their promises.

A party with 20 or more non white candidates is going to have serious problems keeping their 'Closet Racist' membership satisfied.

If they don't succeed in  gaining MP's this May then their support will evaporate and we'll be back where we were five years ago!

Either way, between now and 2020 it's safe to say... people will be more racially aware (as they are now compared to 2010), and they will vote for a 'Racist' party if it can show itself to be competent.

It's my hope that between now and 2020 the British National Party and the National Front will merge (kick out losers like Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson) and stand as a united party.

Only a few years back two parties in Latvia joined and they now have 17 MP's out of a possible 105!
Left: The Latvian National Alliance logo is an amalgamation of two party symbols. All for Latvia Party and Freedom and Fatherland Latvia.

 What about May 2015?

In the meantime there are some excellent and brave Nationalist's who are standing this year for the NF and the BNP.

If you have one in your area I suggest you support them (help them campaign and/or donate to their campaign).

If you don't have one in your area you might as well vote UKIP to help shave up the Tri-party pact of Lib/Lab/Con.

Here are a few of the General Election Candidates standing around the country.

Please leave comments if you know of others.

London BNP Announce Dagenham & Rainham Candidate

The London branch of the British National Party is pleased to announce that Tess Culnane will be our candidate for the parliamentary constituency of Dagenham & Rainham. 

Tess has recently rejoined the British National Party. She said "For some time, I have been considering whether to ask if I could rejoin the 'New BNP'; I am pleased to say I am now a member and looking forward to being a candidate for Dagenham. I would like to assure you all that I will do my very utmost to further the progress of the British National Party."

Carshalton and Wallington election address by Richard Edmonds

Below are the parliamentary constituencies the National Front are fighting.

Kevin Bryan - Rochdale, North West England Robert Batten - North Tyneside, North East England Adam Lloyd - Bridgend, Wales Richard Edmonds - Carshalton and Wallington, Greater London Neil McIvor - Linlithgow and East Falkirk, Scotland Chris Willit - Aberdeen, Scotland Mike Cooper - Hull East

I could not find a similar list on the BNP website or their Facebbok page.
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