Monday, 2 March 2015

Freedom March - Lithuania March 11th 2015

Picture: Vilma Čekutienė - Deputy Leader of Lithuanian National Union Party

Three National Action activists and Sven Longshanks (of Daily Stormer) will be attending the Lithuanian Freedom March on 11/03/2015.

The Baltic people's are an inspiration to Nationalist's in Western Europe and beyond.

These brave Nationalist's have experienced the terror of Communism and are fiercely Nationalist.

It's my hope that more British Nationalist's will support similar events in future, and further bonds can be established.

Long Live the brave Baltic States and White Nationalism across the Occident!


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Remembering victims of the Communist Holodomor

National Action Organiser Tommy Johnson

Remembering the victims of Communism 2015

Former German Lawyer Sylvia Stolz has been jailed again

From Justice for German's - Sylvia Stolz, the former defence attorney for Ernst Zundel has been convicted today (25/02/2015) in a Munich court, once again under the tyrannical BRD laws concerning so-called “holocaust denial” and thereby “inciting racial hatred”. She was sentenced to 20 months in prison with no possibility of parole.

The case stems from her presentation at the AZK in Switzerland in 2012 where she spoke about “Free Speech”, and her previous conviction under §130, the court procedures, banned speech, banned evidence and banned legal defence.

It mattered not to the court that the “offence” took place outside of the BRD. The host of the AZK (Anti-Zensur-Koalition) Ivo Sasek is also facing criminal charges stemming from this event and the presentation given by Sylvia Stolz, see below.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

24th Feb, 2015 Edition of TCTA W/Shaun Surplus

On today’s edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

Muzo whore has Australian woman arrested
Daily Stormer and possibly later Daily Slave may be blocked from Australia viewing
Proxy Servers will save Australians
The authorities will never stop us from getting the truth
A leader leads a horse to water but cannot make him drink. A ruler leads a horse to water and drowns him in it.
People don’t look past their lamestream (mainstream) media, so they don’t know any different Menzies and Holt, Julia and Howard suck big hairy testicles
Where is the economy and how do we pay off core debt?
A special sheep story (Damn those sheep have nice thighs)
National Geographic lie by omission
Ches does a great Indian accent And much more as usual…


Sunday, 22 February 2015

Coventry demo in support of Sammie Sunter - 2nd May 2015

"This flat is for blacks only": Shocking racist campaign to force white mum out of home

Sammie Sunter

Daily Mirror reports - A mother has been become the victim of a racist campaign after her front door was covered with faeces and a letter posted through saying her home was "for black sisters and brothers".

Sammie Sunter was staggered to find the note also had a drawing of a gun on it and a racial slur for a white person, while graffiti was also sprayed across her front door.

Miss Sunter, 24, made the shocking discovery just days after moving into her new flat in Willenhall, Coventry, with her two young boys.

According to the Coventry Telegraph , the note also states that "Willenhall is black so f*** off", while the word "Oyinbo" which is Nigerian slang for a white person, was also written.

West Midlands Police is treating the attack as racially aggravated criminal damage and said the incident was being taken "very seriously".

Housing association Whitefriars, which owns the flat, has confirmed there has also been a "previous incident" at the address.

Sammie, who lives with sons Harvey Anderson, two, and Oscar Rock, five, said: "I had to explain racism to my five-year-old.

"It's just not acceptable.

"I said that it looked like whoever was responsible was African.

"He wanted to know why they hated us.

Sammie Sunter
  Threats: Several warning notes were posted through her door

"He didn't really understand.

"If we are equal what gives the person responsible the right to do that?

"I told him that whoever was responsible was going to get punished, but who knows if that will happen."

Hairdresser Sammie has now found a new property and is getting ready to move in.
She said she has lived in Willenhall for 15 years and has never experienced anything like this before.

Sammie Sunter
Vandalism: Sammie's door was covered in paint

"These people make Willenhall out to be some sort of ghetto," Sammie said.

"They say it's their area but it's really not – there's a little old white man living in the flat below.

"The whole point of this is that it's not right.

"I'm not going to sit there and take it.

"I had to have a police escort away from my property and I knew I was being watched.

"You hold your head up high but it's disgusting.

"Whitefriars were the first people I rang when this happened and when I spoke to someone they said they didn’t think it would happen again.

"I think they have allowed this to happen.

"If it’s happened before, and they have neglected to tell me, then they have put me and my children in danger."
Police have made door-to-door inquiries while forensics experts are studying the note.

Sammie Sunter

Officers are also liaising with Whitefriars.Carmel McCarthy, director of housing and neighbourhood services, said: “There had been a previous incident reported at the property, which we passed on to the police for investigation.
“We closely monitor these events and in this case it appeared to be a one-off incident.

“As soon as Ms Sunter drew this incident to our attention, we offered her another home, which she will be moving into shortly.

“We have been working closely with Ms Sunter and the police on this incident and will continue to do so.”

Sammie Sunter


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Two black apes attack helpless old man

At around 9:30pm on 7 December the 59-year-old was waiting at Aston railway station for his train home when two men approached him. Feeling uncomfortable he walked away but was followed by the pair.

The man ran and was chased before being punched several times and was cut on his face. Passers-by intervened and the attackers ran off.

The attackers are described as black and aged 20-25. One was slim and wearing a grey hoody, blue t-shirt, blue jeans and black trainers. The second was of medium build and wearing a black cap, red Nike jacket with blue sleeves, blue jeans and grey trainers.

Anyone with information about the identity of these two men is urged to call police on 101. Alternatively people can leave information anonymously by calling Crimestoppers the independent charity on 0800 555 111.

Texas students flash ‘White Power’ signs during basketball game against rival high school

Good to see resistance taking place on a large scale so far in 2015.

Have you done anything this year?

Students hold up White Power signs (

Raw Story reports - Students, parents and school officials are at odds over a racial incident at a high school basketball game in Flower Mound, Texas on Friday night.

According to WFAA Channel 8, the game was between Flower Mound High School and Plano East High.

During the game, students in the home team Flower Mound’s cheering section held up signs that said “White Power.” They were caught on camera and the image went viral on the social medium Twitter.

An Plano East athlete who asked that Channel 8 not use his name said, “We thought it was racist. It said ‘white power,’ and we were shocked.”

Deanna Thompson, the parent of one Plano East student, said, “It’s just so sad that kids have to take it to that level.”

Witnesses at the game said that the signs were up for about 30 seconds before school officials were able to take them down.

Head Flower Mound basketball coach Eric Littleton condemned the students’ actions, tweeting, “Unacceptable. As head coach at FMHS I offer our full voice apology. I will pursue this fully. No place for this.”

However, a Flower Mound student who spoke with Channel 8 defended the signs, saying that the word “white” referred to Flower Mound’s blue and white team colors and the sign was part of a cheer routine.

The student also denied reports that students from Flower Mound had defecated and urinated on the Plano East team’s bus.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Lewisville Independent School District.

Acting Superintendent Dr. Kevin Rogers said in a statement on Tuesday, “(T)he investigation of this occurrence is still underway, and we fully intend to act on our findings.

We regret that this unfortunate event has been elevated to this level on so many social media circles.”
Watch video about this story, embedded below:


Friday, 13 February 2015

Richard Edmonds - 'UKIP: The confidence trip of Phoney Patrionism'

In this speech to 'The Yorkshire Forum' Richard Edmonds takes us on a humorous trip covering his experiences in Nationalism - including his various encounters with the Nelson Mandela statue on the South Bank in London - and a survey of Nationalism worldwide today. He explains that one of the key tasks the world faces is ''to get rid of the old guard'' political parties that have dominated politics for far too long, and to that end we must build alliances and ride the tide of groups such as UKIP.

London Forum You Tube Channel

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Voice of Albion: Daniel Carlsen - Party of the Danes

Daniel Carlsen is the leader of the Party of the Danes (Danskernes Parti).

Still in his early 20's, Daniel has served in the Danish Army and overcome Political Persecution in his homeland of Denmark.

The Party of the Danes challenges Right Wing Popularism, which has failed Denmark, and calls for all non Westerners to be Repatriated.

Daniel Carlsen speaks at Vision Europa 2013 Link

In Greenland, Melting Ice Caps May Actually Be a Good Thing Video

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